How to See Who Doesn’t Follow You Back on Instagram?

who doesn’t follow you back on instagram

How to See Who Doesn’t Follow You Back on Instagram?

Instagram is undoubtedly the most famous social media application used these days. The popularity of the application can be accounted for by the fact that there are millions and millions of people who use this application every day. And use the different features present in the application to connect with their friends and other people. 

People follow other people on the application and in return, the same people follow them back. However, there are certain people who do not follow people back and this is why there are a number of people who want to know how to see who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram.

In this guide, we are giving you a simple method that you can use when you want to check who doesn’t follow you back on the application even after you follow them. 

What Is the Process to See Who Does Not Follow You Back on Instagram?

If you are interested in finding out who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram then, you do not need to look very far away. Here, we are giving you the steps that you can adhere to know how to check the same in your Instagram account. 

Method 1: Check Your Followers Manually 

The easiest method that people can use when they want to know about the accounts that don’t follow them back is to see the followers list manually. You can easily visit your Instagram profile and click on the Followers section to see the people who are following you. 

After this, you can use the search bar to know the accounts that are not following you even if you are following them. You can easily remove them from your following list if you are not interested in following them. 

Method 2: Refer to Third-Party Applications

The other method that users can use is to make use of third-party applications present on the internet to check the followers who are not following them back. This method is useful when you have a lot of followers and it is impossible to check your followers manually. 

There are a number of applications Follow Cop, FollowMeter, and Followers that people can easily download from the Google Play Store to check who is not following you back on Instagram. 


We hope that you have understood all the details that we have shared in this guide which will assist you in knowing about the followers who are not following you back on Instagram.

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