Best WhatsApp Spy Apps in 2023 | Top 10 Reviewed + Compared

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Best WhatsApp Spy Apps in 2023 | Top 10 Reviewed + Compared

Are you worried about what your children doing on various social media platforms?

A plethora of spy apps are available on the web to track your kid’s messages. The multimedia files they send or receive from their account.  It is difficult to monitor your kids on the tremendously popular app. WhatsApp app due to its highly secure privacy features.

With full insight into the social media activity of your kids. This app gives you a lot more than you expect to monitor your kid’s activity and beyond on WhatsApp. Using these spy apps you can view messages and photos. Also along with several audio and video clips that they send or receive. 

Are you looking for the best WhatsApp spy app?

So, we have carved a list of the best spy apps for WhatsApp in this post. Continue reading it.

Best  Whatsapp Spyapps

Spy24 App

One of the best Whatsapp monitoring apps. Spy 24 app allows you to monitor Whatsapp calls made by your kids or any other target person. By installing it on the target device you can get access to the contacts. They have texted frequently, the time & date of the calls, type of calls, duration of the calls, and the number of missed calls on the target device.  

With a one-month free subscription, you will be able to examine all its features and do a complete analysis.


Undoubtedly, mSpy is a robust and versatile WhatsApp spy app that enables you to track every activity of your kids and a suspicious spouse on various social media apps effortlessly. It is compatible with a range of devices including both Android and IOS.


To monitor the activity of your loved ones on WhatsApp uMobix is the most reliable and dedicated tool that allows access to the complete call log history, messages, images videos, and audio they receive or send, remotely. It will enable you to view even deleted messages on their WhatsApp account.


The most budget-friendly and robust WhatsApp monitoring app, Eyezy is the complete solution to track your kids remotely which sends alerts to you to not miss out on any messages sent or received from the target device and enables you to track remotely without letting them know.


The most straightforward spy tool Cocospy is one of the most reliable WhatsApp spy apps that works to give full insight into the messages, media files, and call logs of the target device.


Spyic is one of the most advanced tracking apps that offers outstanding features to monitor your kid’s activities on WhatsApp or any other social media platforms. You can keep an eye on your kid’s activities. With a superior user experience, it offers complete privacy and security and keeps all the information confidential.

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One of the most reliable and ideal WhatsApp monitoring apps XNSpy allows you to view deleted content, listen to phone calls, and record the screen of the target device. With an uninterrupted and speedy internet connection, it can record calls, and view messages, and lets you track the exact location of the target device.

Mobile Tracker

With a wide array of premium features like recording their calls and messages. Mobile Tracker is the top-picked WhatsApp spy app that will monitor every activity of your kids on the internet.


The budget-friendly Whatsapp spy app Hoverwatch is best known for tracking multiple devices and is the most recommended spy app for families.


Excellent social media app iKeymonitor gives you an insight. It provides the real-time location and all the activity on various social media platforms. Compatible with mobile, tablets, and computers it is among the best WhatsApp spy apps

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