What is the average transit time for shipping a car across the country?

Shipping a car across the country

What is the average transit time for shipping a car across the country?

Shipping a car across the country is a frequently experienced requirement for individuals and businesses. This requirement often depends on relocations, online vehicle acquisitions, or similar variables. The duration of car shipping across the country may vary for many reasons, and it is necessary to recognize these factors to plan for and handle expectations.

Factors Affecting Actual Delivery Time


The distance that the car is required to cover is an essential component of the duration of the transit. Shipping a car from one coast to another, for example, from New York to California, usually requires an extended time frame compared to a delivery of a shorter distance within the same geographic region. To accurately calculate transit times, it is essential to consider the expansive geographical span of the United States carefully.

Shipping Method

Two main options are available for shipping a car across the country: open transport and enclosed transport. Open transport is a popular and financially beneficial alternative; however, it does expose the vehicle to possible exposure to different environmental variables. Although offering more significant safeguards against weather conditions and road debris, enclosed transport usually incurs more essential expenses. The choice of these techniques can influence transit time, as enclosed transport is often associated with greater durations due to the restricted selection of carriers.

Time of Year

Weather conditions greatly affect the transit time for shipping a car across the country. Adverse weather conditions like snowstorms, heavy rainfall, or hurricanes may lead to attainable shipping problems. During the winter season, specific regions might experience challenges that may influence the delivery schedule. It is necessary to consider the season when making protocols for car shipment, especially for long-distance trips, as this will help prepare and anticipate attainable delays.

Type of Carrier

Two primary types of carriers are available: single-car trailers and multi-car trailers. Single-car trailers are designed to transport a single vehicle exclusively. They benefit from offering a more direct route, potentially leading to faster transit times. However, multi-car trailers tend to provide cheaper alternatives compared to single-car trailers. The overall transit time can be influenced by the availability of carriers and the logistics of their routes, deciding between single-car and multi-car carriers an essential consideration.

Route Traveled

Transit time may be affected by the specific route chosen by the carrier for shipping a car across the country. Roads that have a reduced number of stops and detours usually lead to expedited delivery times. However, it is essential to remember different variables that can influence the efficiency of the selected route, including traffic congestion, road conditions, and the carrier’s schedule. Strategizing for the most direct and effective way may significantly improve the efficiency of the delivery.

Availability of Carriers

The accessibility of carriers can influence transit times for shipping a car across the country. During periods of considerable demand or peak seasons, locating a carrier may take longer. Choosing an adaptable strategy towards shipping dates or actively planning to avoid peak periods may significantly improve the efficiency of obtaining a carrier.


Successful interaction between the customer and the vehicle shipping company is necessary. Frequent updates about the progress of the delivery and the possibility of delays help in effectively handling expectations and enabling appropriate adjustments to plans if required.


The average transit time for shipping cars across country depends upon multiple considerations. It is necessary to recognize these variables to schedule and efficiently guarantee accuracy. Many variables contribute to the overall transit time, including distance, chosen transport method, time of year, carrier type, route, carrier logistics, planning, customer involvement, carrier availability, and efficient interactions. Individuals and businesses can ensure successful and timely car shipping across the country by considering these multiple variables and making well-informed choices.

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