What Is Kraft Paper boxes And Why Is It A Popular Packaging Choice?

What Is Kraft Paper And Why Is It A Popular Packaging Choice

What Is Kraft Paper boxes And Why Is It A Popular Packaging Choice?

Is your products’ packaging adequate to make customers turn heads? Do you think it’s attractive to make customers walk to your products and explore them? In today’s world, there is tough competition amongst brands, and they need to focus on every aspect for the promotion of the business and to gain more sales. Custom kraft packaging boxes have become one of the most essential features for brand promotion and product presentation.

With a peak in demand for a more sustainable approach to soap packaging, kraft paper has made an effective contribution to meeting these needs. There is no doubt that kraft paper packaging solutions have earned popularity in the packaging industry, and the abilities of this material continue to grow. But why? Let’s jump proper into what kraft paper is and why it has achieved so much popularity! 

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What Is Kraft Paper?

Kraft comes from the German term “strong”, and kraft paper is just that. 

Raw kraft is durable, tear-resistant, and brown thanks to the kraft pulp process. Ideal for creating durable wrapping kraft paper and sturdy custom kraft paper boxes and rigid boxes.

Kraft paper board is also available in a range of colors and shades making it highly versatile for branded packaging solutions. The surface of raw kraft paper packaging is textured and porous allowing for high-quality printing and finishing for a premium rural look. 

The Kraft Paper Production Process

Kraft paper is a packaging material that won its name from the Kraft pulping process, pioneered by Carl F. Dahl of Germany in the 1880s. Normally, in the manufacturing of paper, wood is ‘pulped’ first, but Dahl found that treating the cellulose pulp with certain chemicals increased the strength of the kraft paper. 

Initially used as wrapping material, the durable and sturdy nature of kraft paper made it popular for producing packaging solutions like the classic custom Kraft boxes we all recognize today. 

Kraft Vs Regular Paper

Most people say, “It’s simply paper, what makes it so superior? Well, to put it simply, kraft paper is more robust. Lignin is stripped from kraft wood pulp leaving more cellulose which gives paper its tear-resistant and durable characteristics.

Raw kraft paper tends to be more permeable than regular paper too, making it a little less effective for printing but especially susceptible to special finishing processes such as:

  • Embossing/debossing
  • Foil stamping

How Is Kraft Paper Used In Packaging?

Today, kraft paper is mainly used for corrugated boxes and just has become very popular for boxes too. Thanks to kraft paper’s durable nature the e-commerce industry benefits from kraft mailer boxes to protect products and ensure they withstand extreme shipping conditions. 

Custom boxes are also commonly used by businesses to achieve sustainability goals and clearly portray eco-friendly initiatives through brown kraft paper’s rustic and raw look. Kraft paper is very versatile and allows for a broad range of creative packaging options in today’s packaging industry. 

Premium Quality Kraft Packaging

Custom Kraft packaging basically offers premium quality and through their use, any brand can protect its precious and fragile products from any kind of damage during the shipping process. Basically, box quality is the main concern for every brand that deals with delicate and fragile products and no brand wants to compromise on the security of their product.

Through the use of kraft boxes, brands can alleviate their concern regarding the safety of the products. Furthermore, brands can also improve their status and image in the market through the use of kraft boxes for the wrapping of their products. 

Customization Choices For Kraft Paper

Customization choices for kraft paper are vast, and they can add a personal touch to your packaging while also boosting your brand. Many printing businesses offer printed kraft boxes options, allowing you to add your branding or design to your packaging.

This can print your organization’s logo, tagline, or other artwork to your kraft paper packaging. You can also select from a range of finishes, such as matte or gloss, to give your packaging a distinctive look and feel. Going with a simple natural look of kraft paper for your product packaging gives authenticity to your product especially if you are an organic manufacturer or related to an eco-friendly industry. 

However, if you are not okay with basic brown rough-textured paper, there are a variety of customization options you play with. When creating your packaging keep in mind that it tells about your product and represents your brand. Everything from size, shape, and design matches with the tone of your brand. 

Cost-effective kraft paper

Kraft boxes wholesale can save you in cost. These boxes are made from cheap and sustainable material that is available readily, and if you order a large stock, then you will be served a greater discount in pricing. Besides this, it also saves the money that you spend extra on marketing campaigns. It will let you minimize the cost and keep you within a budget.


The use of paper-based custom kraft packaging boxes not only enhanced the customer experience but also helped them to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize waste, making it a win-win solution for both the business and the environment.

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