How To Choose Custom 3D Hologram Stickers For Your Business

Custom 3D Hologram Stickers

How To Choose Custom 3D Hologram Stickers For Your Business

Stickers are essential marketing tools for product authentication and brand promotion. Here custom 3D hologram stickers play an important role in enhancing the customer experience and loyalty. These stickers are used to enhance the value of your products and promotion in the market.

Custom holographic security stickers are popular because they are easy to customize and difficult to replicate. Many brands have used these stickers due to their express individuality and uniqueness.  They enhance the visibility of your products even during bad weather. 

So if you are still stuck in choosing the right hologram stickers, go through this blog. If you get information properly then keep on reading.

What Are Hologram Stickers?

3D hologram stickers give the 3D visual effect. These stickers’ visual effects make your product captivating and eye-catching. This is tempting and eye-catching for buyers and it also helps to grab the attention of the public easily. They are of dynamic nature and realistic impression.

They are made from durable materials such as paper and plastic. They can easily withstand high temperatures and pressure. Custom made hologram stickers are flat adhesive that gives the visual effect of containing a 3D image.

Where 3D Stickers Are Used?

Custom Hologram Sticker is used for security purposes. They are widely used in offices, different machinery, and luxury products including packaging, printing, medicines, etc.

3D stickers have properties such as high-security warranty, brilliant color, dynamic illusion effect, and anti-counterfeiting. That’s why these are not easy to replicate and they are often used in official documents.

Flexibility Of Custom 3D Hologram Stickers 

Flexible polyester materials are used in the manufacturing of custom stickers. They provide a high level of protection even in bad conditions. You can choose such a type of material that helps to adhere smoothly to all surfaces. 

High-quality materials provide flexibility that will adhere strongly to rough surfaces. Cool materials provide strong branding and rock up a positive impression. These stickers are used for promotional outdoor uses.

Designs Of Stickers

The design plays a crucial role in the world of custom 3D hologram stickers because they enhance the visibility of the products. They provide a charming and polished look to your brands. Choosing the right design may help to enhance visibility during low or bad light. If you choose the wrong designs and styles it will impact poor visibility of stickers during low light. Catchy designs may help to increase the value of personal care products. Some tips for creating designs are:

  • Incorporate your brand’s colors to maintain consistency
  • Incorporate different fonts
  • Use imagery and graphics that support your brand and sales message

Keep important aspects of your sticker design 0.125 inches away from the label outline on the inside, and add 0.125 inches of design past the outline on the outside. Some important points you must include on your stickers are net weight, contact information, using instructions, ingredients, and product warnings. Attractive designs give a closer look to the customers. 

Sizes Of Stickers

You can select a size of holo car stickers according to the requirements of the product space because if you select the wrong size (small space and large stickers, large space small sticker) that is a weird look. If your selection is wrong about stickers then more chance that customers will switch their loyalties. So you can focus the time on choosing the stickers. If you select the proper sizes then catch the customer’s eyes more.

Sense Of Genuineness

Must sound strange but yes the the presence of custom printed stickers makes the customer feel your product is genuine. It makes the customer believe that the hologram stickers are used carefully for the overall quality of the product. Then customers perceive the higher value of the products.


You can create designs of stickers that cannot be tempered. Materials and designs matter against the tempering features. If you do not compromise the material’s quality then stickers provide strong adhesiveness and very firm plastic coatings. So they stand firm on all grounds of security.

Colorful Printing

Every brand wants to enhance their product stand uniquely in the market. So colorful and catchy printings are used to provide visual appeal. They enhance the product visibility and grab the attention of the customers. They provide a shiny appearance for long-lasting. You can select any printing option that think is more suitable for you and your product.

Enhance Your Branding

Hologram stickers are the best advertising tool that is used for your products. They enhance the brand recognition and increase the revenue. The company logo and values are the best choice to boost the brand image. Colorful stickers are used in the proper place not only increasing the value of the product but also attracting the customers to purchase the products.


Custom 3D hologram stickers are provided to add value to your products and give them a professional look. If you want to protect your products from external factors then these stickers are best for your business because they have anti-tempering features. Attractive stickers promote the business and wins the customer’s heart.

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