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Discover Fun & Fashion: Ashoka One Mall’s Top Kids Play Zone

Located in the heart of Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Ashoka One Mall is not just a top shopping destination but also features one of the finest kids play zones in the city. Created to appeal to both children and adults. This play zone offers a wide range of attractions and activities and making it a beloved spot for families looking for fun-filled adventures.

The Ultimate Guide to Ashoka One Mall’s Kids Play Zone

A Wonderland for Children:

Step into Ashoka One Mall’s kids play zone, where vibrant and engaging play structures await, inviting children to explore and immerse themselves in a world of imagination. Each corner of the play area is meticulously crafted with safety in mind, ensuring parents’ peace of mind while their children enjoy active play. From thrilling slides that offer exciting descents to sensory-rich ball pits, challenging climbing frames, and adventurous obstacle courses, every element promises new and exhilarating experiences for children of all ages.

Interactive Learning and Creativity:

As you step into Ashoka One Mall’s kids play zone, colorful play structures greet you, inviting exploration. Interactive games spark the imagination with bright colors and engaging designs that catch the eye. The space is meticulously designed for safety, encouraging active play. Additionally, safety features are built into every aspect, ensuring a secure environment. Soft padding covers the floors, providing comfort and protection for children at play.

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Sturdy construction ensures equipment safety. Slides offer thrilling fun. Ball pits provide a sensory-rich environment. Climbing frames test agility. Obstacle courses challenge kids. Every corner offers something new. Children of all ages enjoy exciting activities. The play zone promises endless fun.

Safety First, Fun Always:

Safety is paramount at Ashoka One Mall. The play area features soft padding. Secure boundaries protect children. Trained staff supervise play at all times. Because, regular maintenance keeps equipment safe. Cleanliness is a top priority. Staff clean the area frequently. Parents enjoy peace of mind. Children play freely and safely. The play zone ensures a fun experience. Hours of activities keep kids entertained.

Special Events and Workshops:

Throughout the year, the kids play zone in Hyderabad, hosts special events and workshops. These activities add excitement and variety. Themed parties bring festive fun. Storytelling sessions captivate young minds. Art workshops inspire creativity. Talent shows showcase children’s skills. There’s always something happening to keep kids entertained.

These events engage children and create a lively atmosphere. Additionally, they foster a sense of community among families. Families who visit the mall frequently enjoy these activities together. Moreover, the play zone ensures every visit is memorable and engaging for all.

Convenient Amenities for Families:

Ashoka One Mall caters to families’ needs with convenient amenities. It offers nearby dining options, allowing parents to eat while keeping an eye on their kids in kids play zone. These dining choices range from quick snacks to full meals, catering to all tastes. Additionally, Comfortable seating areas are available throughout the mall. These spaces provide a place for parents to relax between play sessions.

They are designed for comfort and convenience, ensuring parents can unwind. The mall’s central location in Kukatpally makes it easily accessible. Moreover, Ample parking facilities are available, ensuring families can park without hassle. This combination of features makes Ashoka One Mall a perfect destination for family outings.

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Beyond the Play Zone: Family Entertainment:

While the kids play zone is a highlight for families, Ashoka One Mall offers a comprehensive range of entertainment options for all ages. The multiplex cinema screens family-friendly movies, and the mall’s food court serves up delicious treats that appeal to both young ones and adults. Combined with shopping opportunities and seasonal events, the mall provides a complete day out for the entire family.


In conclusion, Ashoka One Mall stands out as the best kids play zone in Hyderabad, offering a blend of entertainment, education, and safety that sets it apart. Whether you’re looking to let your children burn off energy in a stimulating environment or seeking a family-friendly destination for weekend outings, the mall’s dedicated play zone promises an unforgettable experience. Explore Ashoka One Mall’s commitment to creating moments of joy and discovery for children. Finally making every visit a memorable adventure for the entire family.

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