9 Questions Your Auto Accident Lawyer Will Ask You

A good auto accident lawyer might make all the difference if you’ve been in a car accident. Hiring an attorney ensures a great settlement, a smooth process, and proper procedure.

If you can’t answer these questions, an auto accident lawyer will struggle to prepare. When did the accident happen? The time and date of the accident are obvious, but you’d be shocked how many clients can’t answer with accuracy.

You should be prepared to answer this question precisely before meeting with your vehicle accident lawyer. If it was late at night, the other driver or even you could face increased culpability.

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Understanding the time and date is critical in your case. How exactly did the accident happen? When answering this question, you should provide as much detail as possible. Request an automobile accident reconstruction if necessary.

While this may appear needless to some, it can provide the auto accident lawyer with a complete picture of what happened and how it happened. Is a police report available? There should be a report if the police were called. A few days after the accident and filing of the complaint, the report should be available at the police station.

Some police stations charge a fee to obtain an accident report, but it could be essential evidence for your vehicle accident lawyer. Did the other drive accept responsibility? Admitting fault is beneficial to your case, especially if it appears in the police record.

Admitting culpability implies that the other driver accepted responsibility for the collision. In certain states, simply expressing “I’m sorry” is considered an admission of guilt. Your car accident lawyer will be much better informed if you make sure to tell him what the driver said.

Do you have a comprehensive list of the property damage? Bring papers from your insurance carrier stating the total cash value of your vehicle if it was totalled. You may also sue for property damage sustained in the car during the accident. Before you go, make a list of every instance of property loss or damage.

Did you seek medical attention? Where? Following a car accident, some people go to the hospital right away. It is critical to know where you went and what services you obtained. This includes any x-rays, MRIs, and other diagnostic procedures performed on you before or after your initial hospital visit. Do you have an exhaustive list of injuries?

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A thorough report of injuries, no matter how little, is critical. If it has been aching since the accident, you should notify your auto accident lawyer. It is critical that your attorney be aware of everything so that they can calculate the amount of damages to be recovered. You don’t want to discover knee problems months after settlement. Do you know the other party’s insurance coverage limits? Even though the value of your accident is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, you may only be able to recover the amount indicated by the other party’s insurance policy limits.

If their limit is $50,000, it will be extremely difficult for your vehicle accident lawyer to obtain more than the other party’s insurance policy limits. Do you have coverage for uninsured/underinsured motorists? People might not always have adequate insurance to cover a car accident. In this instance, you may have to utilize your own insurance to cover the damages. Bring copies of your insurance policies with you when you see your auto accident lawyer.

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