05 Reasons Why Instagram Ads Really Work!

05 Reasons Why Instagram Ads Really Work!

05 Reasons Why Instagram Ads Really Work!

Instagram last celebrated double-digit growth and celebrated its 10th anniversary. Although this visually stimulating and engaging platform has been around for some time, it is far from mature as it is constantly evolving in new ways that allow businesses to expand their organic followers on Instagram.

With more than a billion monthly users, Instagram is second only to its counterpart Facebook in terms of active users. As more and more users join the network and explore its News Feed, Stories, Discover tab, and IGTV, its popularity, and the frequent introduction of new features, brands of all kinds have a great opportunity to “enter this space and find ways to be successful. After all, with so many people on the platform, your audience is sure to be there.

If the usage statistics alone aren’t convincing and you’re still wondering if Instagram ads can work for you, read on and discover five great reasons to start advertising on Instagram.

Why advertise on Instagram?

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is the leading social media platform. Are you not convinced by this number? Well, a while ago Instagram announced that it had reached 700 million users. An increase of almost 30% in a short period tells us more than anything else about the popularity and future potential of this platform. In short, it has become a huge and diverse online community with unlimited marketing opportunities.

No doubt, Facebook has a more active audience rather than Instagram. When you’re promoting your small business, hard numbers may not be the first thing you think about. If you want to advertise your small business effectively, you must first research the relevant data. Statistics are more than just numbers calculated to attract more users.

According to Forrester, Instagram is the king of social media with an engagement rate of 4.21%.

That’s a huge number considering that Facebook and Twitter together barely reached 0. Engagement factor of 10. “Instagram generated 58x more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120x more engagement per follower than Twitter” – Forrester Ads.

05 features and benefits you can take advantage of with Instagram ads

The top five benefits of Instagram advertising that make it a profitable channel for many businesses are:

1. Versatility and low barrier to entry

Instagram ads can be the first step into the world of social media marketing for many businesses.

You don’t need to be an advertising expert or have any technical knowledge to use Instagram ads. There are no complicated features, so you can create and design an advertising campaign in minutes. 

This allows you to save on hiring graphic designers, which is especially beneficial for startups. You can run advertising campaigns as all you have to do is upload videos or photos on Instagram.

However, it’s a good idea to make sure your sponsored posts on Instagram contain high-quality content. This can increase brand awareness as your audience can identify with your brand, resulting in higher engagement.

You can find the right ad types to work with as the platform supports multiple ad placements and styles.

2. Increase engagement

One of the biggest benefits of Instagram ads is that they increase engagement. Effective advertising on Instagram increases engagement as it generates interest in your service/product.

Since “algorithms prioritize the posts most likely to drive engagement,” you shouldn’t ignore the interactions your ads generate. Engagement in the form of likes, comments, saves, and shares increases the reach of your Instagram ads and allows you to reach additional audiences you might not otherwise reach.

The more people discover your brand, the more interest you generate and the more authority you gain in the industry.

3. Profitable

The big advantage of Instagram ads is that they are profitable for the business. Before you create an ad on Instagram, set a budget for how much you want to spend on ads per day. In short: “Your total budget will be affected according to the number of people seeing your ads.”

But the great thing about advertising is that you can decide how much you spend on advertising. This means you can manage your budget by roughly calculating how many people your ad will reach.

This minimizes the risk of overspending on Instagram ads and allows you to increase or decrease your budget at any time.

Instagram ads are profitable because they increase sales. A Facebook survey found that “54% of respondents say they have made a purchase now or after seeing a product or service on Instagram.” Instagram

Ads not only increase your sales and therefore your revenue, but they also help you increase brand awareness, as we will see below.

4. Build a following for your brand

While people use social media to connect with family and friends or see what their favorite celebrities are up to, millions of people are checking out what brands are sharing. Users on all platforms do not actively do this. With Instagram’s recent increased focus on shopping on the platform, 130 million users click on shopping posts every month.

This is your chance to intervene and present your offer in a visually appealing way. When done right, brands can reach significant audiences and drive customers off the platform, so don’t hesitate. Develop a strategy for the platform yourself, but also think about how it will show up in your overall marketing and advertising strategy. Create and consume visually appealing and engaging content and learn how Instagram promotes your brand and the products or services you offer.

5. Advanced ad targeting options on Instagram

Because Meta (Facebook) owns the platform, Instagram Ads gets access to advanced social media ad targeting options.

Instagram can now compete with Facebook’s capabilities for advertising purposes. This feature allows you to show ads to users based on their location, behavior, interests, and age, just like Facebook shows ads.

These advanced targeting options allow you to reach specific audiences who might buy your products.

You can also retarget audiences using targeting options, another feature of Facebook Ads. The people you are targeting have already heard or seen your company or brand. They can also be people who have not yet made a purchase but have visited your website.

Instagram ads allow you to retarget audiences using data collected from the posts in your account. You can analyze and use Instagram video views, customer email lists, Instagram post engagement, and others to create custom retargeting ads.

These advanced targeting options give Instagram ads an edge over other platforms. Especially if you develop a specific sales funnel and combine it with your campaign, you can improve your advertising strategy and get more results. Additionally, as part of your advanced targeting options, you can automatically create custom audiences by setting up your Facebook pixel. You can use a pixel to create and display ads for products or services that a user has already viewed on your website.

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